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A: There are other rules of general politeness and good manners that apply anywhere.

B: With noise, for example. Don’t play music out loud on public transport, or on a hike in a scenic area.

A: Yes, and remove your headphones or earbuds when you speak to someone.

B: These things are really just common sense and decency.

A: 還有其他關於一般禮貌和禮節的規定,是在任何地方都適用的。

B: 例如噪音啊。不要在大眾運輸交通工具上大聲播放音樂,在風景區健行時也不應這麼做。

A: 沒錯。另外,跟人說話時,也記得要拿下耳罩式耳機或是耳塞。

B: 這些事情基本上就是常識跟得體。

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