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A: One rule of etiquette is that, in a woman’s presence, men may only smoke with her permission.

B: In a way that’s outdated, in another it is still very much true.

A: How so?

B: Well, I think it’s polite to ask all present whether it’s OK; it doesn’t matter whether they’re male or female.

A: 有一項關於禮節的規則是,在女性面前,男性應該先獲得對方同意才能吸菸。

B: 某種程度而言這有點過時,但有時候這仍然是合宜的。

A: 怎麼說呢?

B: 嗯,我覺得詢問所有在場人士能不能吸菸是合於禮節的,但不應該區分男女。

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