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A: When I first looked through Watabe’s book, I thought it was a fictional photographic essay.

B: The photos are so perfectly composed, they appear to be staged. And yet he was recording an actual criminal investigation.

A: He must have been thinking on his feet the whole time.

B: It’s quite an achievement.

A: 一開始翻閱渡部的這本書時,我以為是一本虛構的攝影集。

B: 那些相片實在是拍攝得太完美無缺了,看起來就像是演出的,沒想到他卻是在記錄一場真實的犯罪搜查過程。

A: 他的腦袋一定動得很快,整個過程中不斷隨機應變。

B: 這真的是很了不起的成就呢。

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