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A: According to the postface, the police did capture the murderer in the end.

B: That’s right. They looked through unsolved crimes and linked him to three other murders.

A: He killed his victims to so that he could use their names and ID numbers.

B: So, the motive was identity theft.

A: 根據這本書的後記,警方最後真的有抓到殺人犯。

B: 沒錯,他們仔細看過了未解決的刑案,最後將他跟另外三件謀殺案連在一起。

A: 他謀殺受害者的動機是為了用他們的姓名跟身分證號碼。

B: 那麼,整起案件的動機就是竊取身份。

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