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A: Another thing Watabe does well in these photos is to capture the dynamic between the police officers.

B: Yes, and the main detective’s look of utter concentration as he pores over the criminal records and case studies.

A: It’s amazing to see all those piles of folders on his desk.

B: That was a long time before computers revolutionized police work.

A: 渡部在這些照片中另一個成功的地方在於,他捕捉到警察間的動態感。

B: 沒錯,還有探長仔細查閱犯罪紀錄跟案件分析時,那種全然投入的專注眼神。

A: 這麼多檔案夾都堆在他桌上,真的是讓人驚嘆。

B: 那是在電腦徹底改變警察工作之前,還要早很多的時代。

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