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A: I have got some empty boxes from the local supermarket.

B: Great. Let’s box up the things we are taking with us to the new apartment.

A: Pack everything carefully, especially the ceramics. We don’t want any breakages.

B: Good idea. And remember to mark the boxes so we know what’s in them.

A: 我從附近那間超市拿到了幾個空紙箱。

B: 太好了,那我們來把要一起帶去新公寓的東西裝箱吧。

A: 包裝要很小心哦,特別是那些陶瓷,千萬不要弄破了。

B: 沒問題,然後還要記得在紙箱上做記號,才會知道裡面裝什麼。

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