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A: I didn’t realize we had accumulated so much stuff. How are we going to move all of this to the new apartment?

B: I think we can throw a lot of it out. If we don’t need it, there’s no need to take it with us.

A: Maybe we can sell some. I have a lot of books I no longer want.

B: Yes, and I have a lot of clothes I don’t wear anymore. I can put them in a clothes bank.

A: 沒想到我們已經累積了這麼多東西。要怎麼全部搬去新公寓呀?

B: 我覺得我們應該可以丟掉不少東西。有些如果我們不需要,就不必帶走。

A: 也許我們可以賣掉一些。我有好多書都不想要了。

B: 是啊,我這邊則是有好多衣服沒在穿了。我會把它們送去舊衣回收站。

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