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A: We’d like to rent the apartment. You say the rent is NT$20,000 a month, with two months’ deposit?

B: That’s right. That includes water and electricity, with the exception of the air-conditioner.

A: How will we work out the bill for the air-conditioner?

B: I’ll have a meter put on the unit.

A: 我們想要租這間公寓。您說租金是一個月兩萬元,押金兩個月對嗎?

B: 沒錯,租金有包水費跟一般電費,冷氣的部分則是另外算。

A: 那我們要怎麼處理冷氣的帳單呢?

B: 我會在冷氣上面另外裝一個電表。

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