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A : Thanks for letting me view the apartment at such short notice.

B : There has been quite a lot of interest in it, actually. Somebody else had a look around only this morning.

A : Well, we’re very interested. I need to check that the running water and electrics all work properly, if that’s OK.

B : Of course. If there are any issues after you move in, I’ll deal with them.

A : 謝謝您在這麼倉促的情況下抽空讓我看這間公寓。

B : 其實還滿多人有興趣的哦。今天早上已經有其他人來看了。

A : 嗯,我們很喜歡這間。方便的話,我想檢查水電是否都能正常使用。

B : 當然沒問題。如果你們搬進來以後還有什麼問題,我會幫忙處理的。

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