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A: This apartment looks interesting. The rent is within our budget, and it’s in a good location.

B: From the photos, the rooms seem quite small to me.

A: Yes, but it looks like it has character, and the balcony is quite spacious.

B: OK, I’ll give the landlord a call and see if I can arrange to see it tomorrow.

A: 這間公寓看起來很不錯。租金在我們的預算範圍內,而且地點很好。

B: 從照片看起來,房間好像有點小。

A: 是啊,不過公寓本身看起來很有特色,而且陽台十分寬敞。

B: 好吧,我打個電話給房東,看看明天能不能安排看房。

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