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A: I saw a Japanese movie last night. It was excellent.

B: What was so good about it?

A: Well, despite obviously being low-budget, the storyline, direction and acting were all first-class.

B: It just goes to show you don’t need big names and loud explosions to tell a story well.

A: 我昨天晚上看了一部日本電影,真的很精彩!

B: 它有什麼地方特別厲害嗎?

A: 嗯,雖然很明顯是低成本片,可是它的故事情節、導演和演技都是一流的。

B: 這就證明要把故事說得精采,並不需要大卡司和震耳欲聾的爆破場面。

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