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A: Hey, what happened to your voice?

B: I went to pop diva Celine Dion’s Taipei concert yesterday evening and sang along the whole night. I lost my voice.

A: You must be a huge fan. How was the concert?

B: Amazing. I’m going to her second and third concerts, too.

A: 嗨,你的聲音怎麼變成這樣?

B: 我昨晚去了流行歌后席琳狄翁的台北演唱會,還整晚跟著她一起唱,然後就失聲啦。

A: 你一定是她的鐵粉,演唱會不錯吧?

B: 超棒的!我還要去第二場和第三場演唱會。

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