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A: My dog keeps running off and getting lost.

B: Some breeds are like that. Have you thought of getting some kind of tracking device?

A: No, but he already has a tag with my phone number on it and he’s been chipped.

B: The other thing is not to let him off the lead.

A: 我的狗總是會逃家,然後搞失蹤。

B: 有些品種的個性確實是這樣,你有沒有想過幫他裝一個追蹤裝置啊?

A: 沒有耶,但他已經有一個標籤寫上我的手機號碼了,而且他也有裝晶片。

B: 那你另外要注意的就是不要讓它掙脫鍊子。

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