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A: My dog got lost in the mountains yesterday. I had to go looking for her last night, in the dark.

B: That must have been dangerous.

A: Yep. Three hours, a sprained ankle, a suspected broken finger, and a legion of cuts and bruises later I got her back.

B: Oh, well. All’s well that ends well.

A: 我的狗昨天在山裡失蹤了。我昨天晚上只好冒著漆黑的夜色去找牠。

B: 那一定很危險吧。

A: 是啊,花了三 個小時,等我後來終於找到牠時,已經扭傷一邊腳踝,好像一根手指有骨折,還有一大片割傷跟瘀青。

B: 啊,好吧,沒事就好。

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