Kingstone’s branch on ailing “book street” closing down next Sunday 金石堂城中店將收攤 「書街」岌岌可危

Thu, Jun 14, 2018 - Page 15

Kingstone Bookstore’s Chengzhong branch on Chongqing South Road, Taipei’s “book street,” is closing down next Sunday after more than 30 years of business. Kingstone has rented this century-old Western-style building, built in 1912, since the 1980s. For many, the building is full of fond memories.

Kingstone said that the focus of the entire “book street” has shifted from bookstores to business hotels and the dining sector, so the landlord decided not to renew the lease. The branch is having a big sale, offering free coffee to shoppers who buy books, to express its gratitude.

Although 151 bookstores from across the country have shut up shop in the past four years, some, such as Tsutaya Bookstore from Japan, are still going thanks to a complex business model. In the face of the current trend, Eslite Bookstore also announced last month its intention to innovate its current business model and actively develop more personalized services.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)