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A: I think I just made a terrible mistake. I told the boss I thought his tie was awful.

B: The writing’s on the wall for you. He’ll start looking for ways to make life difficult for you.

A: You really think it’s that bad? Is he that sensitive?

B: You’ll be out on your ear within a month. Mark my words.

A: 我剛剛犯了可怕的錯,我跟老闆說他的領帶很醜。

B: 你大難臨頭了。他會想盡辦法刁難你,讓你日子很難過。

A: 你真的覺得情況這麼糟嗎?他有這麼敏感嗎?

B: 你在一個月之內就會被炒魷魚。記住我說的話。

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