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A: I was in Tainan this week photographing the boat burning.

B: Did you get any good shots of the boat?

A: I’m interested in people, not things. I shoot the crowd. I go for facial expressions and subtle vignettes of life.

B: That’s a bit of a missed opportunity if you ask me. The boat going up in flames is spectacular.

A: 我這個星期去台南拍攝燒王船的照片。

B: 你有拍到什麼好的王船照片嗎?

A: 我對人比較有興趣,對事物倒沒什麼感覺。我拍了人群,特別著重在臉部的表情,以及生活中細膩幽微的剪影。

B: 如果是我的話,我會覺得有點浪費了大好機會。那王船在熊熊火焰中昇天的景象實在太壯觀了。

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