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A: Hey, what are you reading? You’ve been reading it for three days.

B: I’m reading “Stories of the Sahara” by late Taiwanese author Sanmao.

A: What’s the book about? Anything interesting?

B: It’s about her unique life experience in the Sahara with her Spanish husband Jose. It’s a real page-turner.

A: 嗨,你在看什麼?都已經看三天了。

B: 我在讀已故台灣作家三毛寫的《撒哈拉的故事》。

A: 是關於什麼的書?有趣嗎?

B: 是關於她和西班牙老公荷西,在撒哈拉沙漠獨特的生活經驗,書裡的故事都好迷人唷。

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