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A: Have you decided how you will vote in the upcoming local elections?

B: Yes. I will vote for my local Green Party candidate. She’s a bit of a dark horse, I think she might just make a breakthrough. And you?

A: I’m still undecided. I usually leave it right until the last minute and make up my mind at the polling station.

B: Wow, that’s crazy. Well, each to their own.

A: 地方選舉馬上就要到了,你決定好要怎麼投票了嗎?

B: 是的,我要投給我那個地區的綠黨候選人。她有點像是黑馬,我覺得她很可能會突破重圍。你呢?

A: 我還沒決定耶。我通常都會等到最後一分鐘,到投票所時才決定。

B: 哇。你太狂了。不過也是,每個人都有自己做事的方法。

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