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A : Do you think it’s time I bought a smartphone? I feel like a bit of a dinosaur.

B : Yes. I can’t believe you’re still using that old Nokia phone, you could donate it to a museum.

A : But I’m really worried about smartphone addiction; everywhere I go I see people with their heads buried in their phones.

B : Well, you just need to be really disciplined and regulate your screen time.

A : 你覺得我是不是該買智慧型手機了?我覺得自己有一點跟不上時代。

B : 沒錯。我真不敢相信,你到現在還在用那隻超舊的Nokia手機,你根本可以把它捐給博物館了。

A : 可是我真的很擔心會對智慧型手機成癮,每次我到哪裡都看到大家在埋頭滑手機。

B : 嗯。你其實只需要好好自律,並且限制自己看螢幕的時間。

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