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A: What are you reading? The 100-pace snake in your illustrated book looks cool.

B: I’m reading a romantic legend of the Rukai people.

A: Isn’t this snake the Rukai people’s guardian angel?

B: That’s right. According to the legend, the snake-like god and the tribe leader’s daughter fell in love with each other.

A: 你在讀什麼?繪本裡的百步蛇好酷。

B: 我在讀原住民魯凱族浪漫的傳說故事。

A: 這條百步蛇不就是魯凱族的守護神嗎?

B: 對啊,根據傳說,這位蛇面神和大頭目的女兒還愛上了彼此。

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