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A: I’ve misplaced another umbrella, I think I left it on the bus again.

B: I don’t believe it, not another one. You’ve lost so many umbrellas over the years, you’ll make us bankrupt.

A: I’m sorry, I’m just so forgetful. I always put it down somewhere and then completely forget about it.

B: From now on, you’re only allowed to use this pink Hello Kitty umbrella as a punishment.

A: 我又搞丟一把雨傘了,我想應該是忘在公車上了。

B: 我真是不敢相信,你又丟了一把傘。你這幾年已經丟了好多把雨傘了,你會把我們弄到破產。

A: 對不起,我只是很健忘。我每次都是把傘放在一個地方,後來就忘得一乾二淨了。

B: 從現在開始,我罰你只能用這把粉紅色的凱蒂貓雨傘。

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