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A: Wow, I can’t believe Gibson Guitars has filed for bankruptcy.

B: Yeah, it’s so sad. They make really cool guitars. I hope they can find a way to rescue the company.

A: Problem is, their guitars are so expensive these days, pretty much only bankers and hot-shot lawyers can afford them.

B: But, they’re still handmade in the US: You get what you pay for.

A: 啊,真的很難相信Gibson吉他公司破產了。

B: 對呀,好難過喔。他們做的吉他真的很酷,希望他們可以找到辦法來挽救公司。

A: 問題是,Gibson的吉他現在都賣這麼貴,大概只有銀行家和名牌律師才買得起。

B: 可是他們的吉他都還是在美國手工製造的:一分錢,一分貨。

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