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A: This coconut milk face scrub’s on special offer, I’m going to stock up.

B: No, stop. Don’t you know the micro-plastic particles in face scrubs are trashing the planet and killing the oceans’ jellyfish?

A: What? But I hate jellyfish, I was stung really badly by one while on holiday last year.

B: Even so, you can’t use it as an excuse to trash the environment.

A: 那個椰奶去角質洗面乳在特價耶。我要來囤貨。

B: 不可以。你難道不知道這些洗面乳裡面的塑膠微粒正在毀滅地球、害死海裡的水母嗎。

A: 什麼?可是我討厭水母,去年我在海邊度假的時候被水母螫得好慘哪。

B: 就算這樣,也不能當做破壞環境的藉口。

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