Czech illustrator recreates Rukai legend in new book 當捷克插畫家遇上魯凱族 新繪本重現傳說

Thu, May 10, 2018 - Page 15

The National Central Library held a book launch late last month for famous Czech illustrator Tomas Rizek, who is releasing his new illustrated book, titled “Lukai Pearl.” The event organizer also invited Kate Dargaw, the Taiwanese author of the book, to join Rizek in introducing this beautiful legend of the Aboriginal Rukai People.

As the legend goes, a hundred-pace snake lives in the Daluobaling Lake at the southern tip of the Central Mountain Range, serving as the guardian angel of the Rukai People. When the tribe leader’s daughter fell in love with the snake-like god, other tribe members all had mixed feelings, because the girl was about to bid farewell to them and to live in the lake forever.

This illustrated book about the Aboriginal folktale is the second collaboration between Rizek and Dargaw and used romance to continue the classic legend of the Rukai People. The new book hit the market yesterday. Their first book, titled “Atayal Warriors’ Journey,” was published in 2016.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)