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A: Do you worry about the implications of AI?

B: I understand the concerns of machines revolting against humans, I just don’t think it’ll happen.

A: I’m more worried about AI replacing humans in the workplace.

B: We might have to develop a new post-employment model of money distribution.

A: 你會不會擔心人工智慧可能對人類造成的影響?

B: 我可以理解人類擔憂機器可能會造反,我只是不覺得這真的會發生。

A: 我更擔心人工智慧會在職場上取代人類。

B: 我們也許應該來研發一個新的「後─聘僱」時代的人工智慧模組,讓我們可以躺著賺錢。

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