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A: They say the next two months is when the fireflies come out in droves. Want to go see?

B: Cool, sure. I saw a couple when I was a kid, but the memory is kind of hazy.

A: The newspaper has some info about them. I read there are places quite near here we can go see them.

B: I think it would be quite magical to go to a place where you can see tons of fireflies together.

A: 聽說這兩個月是螢火蟲最多的時候,我們要不要去看?

B: 哇。好耶。我小時候看過一兩隻,可是我已經記不得那是什麼感覺了。

A: 報上有一些資訊介紹,我發現有些賞螢的地方其實不遠。

B: 如果可以一下子看到很多螢火蟲,那就真是太夢幻了。

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