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A: This year, after years of developing shale gas reserves, the US is going to become the world’s largest gas producer.

B: Yep, you can hardly believe it. In the past you’d have to buy your oil from the unpredictable Middle East.

A: Middle East countries don’t get on, and one major reason is fighting over oil.

B: Looks like there’s going to be a real geopolitical shift.

A: 美國這幾年大量開採頁岩油以後,今年竟然會變成全球最大產油國。

B: 對呀,真是難以相信!以前全世界買石油都要看中東的臉色。

A: 中東打得不可開交,很大的因素是為了爭奪石油。

B: 看來地緣政治的遊戲規則要整個改變了。

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