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A: I don’t understand why high-level politicians allow themselves to get involved in shady deals.

B: I know, they must surely know that the truth will come out in the end.

A: I guess they also know that they can pay for the best lawyers to get them out of trouble.

B: They might get away with it in the courts, but everyone knows exactly what is going on.

A: 我不明白高層政客為什麼要進行不法交易。

B: 對呀,他們一定知道真相最後會水落石出。

A: 我猜這些政客一定也知道,可以花錢請最好的律師幫他們脫罪。

B: 他們或許可以在法庭上全身而退,但是他們的所作所為,大家都心知肚明。

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