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A: Did you know that the vampire legend originated in a type of bat that survives on drinking blood?

B: Sounds kinda scary. Will those bats come and suck my blood under cover of darkness while I sleep?

A: No, they mostly live in central and south America, and drink the blood of livestock.

B: If I owned a ranch, I bet they’d be a real pain in the backside.

A: 你知道嗎?吸血鬼這個傳說的原型來自於一種只靠吸血維生的蝙蝠?

B: 聽起來也太可怕了吧!這種蝙蝠會趁我晚上睡覺時偷偷吸我的血嗎?

A: 不會啦,牠們主要棲息在中南美洲,吸的是牲畜的血。

B: 如果我是農場主人,我一定會覺得牠們很討厭。

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