Sat, Mar 03, 2018 - Page 2

A: Have you heard about the ransomware attack? It’s infected loads of computers.

B: Yeah, I saw it on the news this morning, really scary.

A: Is there anything we can do to prevent an attack?

B: The advice is to keep your computer’s operating system up to date and be extremely careful when opening e-mails and downloading files.

A: 你聽說過勒索軟體嗎?很多電腦都被攻擊了。

B: 嗯,我今天早上看到新聞了,真恐怖。

A: 有什麼預防措施我們可以做嗎?

B: 建議你把電腦作業系統更新到最新的版本,打開電子郵件和下載檔案的時候都要特別小心。

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