Taiwanese hunky boys compete in hit reality show “Idol Producer” 「偶像練習生」爆紅 台灣小鮮肉參賽

Fri, Mar 02, 2018 - Page 15

Since its debut on the iQiyi online video platform in January, the popularity of “Idol Producer,” a boy band reality show, has soared. The producer of the show, which quickly garnered over 100 million views within the first hour of broadcast, is hit Korean group EXO member Zhang Yixing, also known as Lay.

Among the 100 trainees, Taiwan’s Chen Li-nong, Jack Hsu and Lin Yanjun have drawn a lot of attention from netizens. Chen, nicknamed “Nong Nong,” performed brilliantly and was the only A-rated contestant in the first episode. Hsu, a consummate dancer, has already won an award in a world street dance championship. Lin, meanwhile, was voted the best-looking guy in the group by the other contestants, earning him the name "xiao xian rou" (or hunky boy).

In the first elimination round, Chen won 7.4 million votes and took the second spot. Internet celebrity Cai Xukun was ranked first and Fan Chengcheng — the younger brother of actress Fan Bingbing — was ranked third. Those ranked between 61 and 100 were eliminated.

(Liberty Times, translated by Eddy Chang)