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A: My laptop just died. The screen went black, now I can’t turn it on.

B: Have you tried pressing the caps lock key? If it lights up, it might be the screen is dead.

A: No, there’s no reaction at all, but I can hear it hum when I plug it in.

B: Sounds to me like it might be a short in the motherboard.

A: 我的筆電剛才壞了。螢幕全黑,現在不能開機。

B: 你試過按大寫鎖定鍵嗎?如果大寫鎖定鍵亮了,就可能是螢幕壞了。

A: 完全沒反應,可是我把插頭插上,可以聽到嗡嗡的聲音。

B: 聽起來可能是主機板短路。

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