Dihua Street Lunar New Year traffic restrictions 台北年貨大街開跑 迪化街交管

Thu, Feb 08, 2018 - Page 15

The Taipei City Police Department Traffic Division said on Feb. 1 that, as the lunar new year is coming, the Taipei City Government is planning to roll out the 2018 Taiwan Lunar New Year in Taipei event, to continue until Mar. 4 in the Dihua Street, Huayin Street, Taipei station rear station, Taipei City Mall and Ningxia Night Market shopping areas.

The Dihua Street Taipei Lunar New Year Goods event period will only extend to Feb. 14.

According to the Traffic Division, because of the large amounts of people buying lunar new year goods, as well as the vehicular traffic, during the period, traffic restrictions will be in place along Section 1 of Dihua Street (from Guisui Street to Nanjing West Road), with cars being restricted from entering Dihua Street. In addition, one way traffic conditions will intermittently apply along Minle Street.

There are also plans in place for personnel to enforce the smooth implementation of the restrictions, with traffic restriction posts in 30 locations, 25 traffic police and 19 volunteers, with seven teams monitoring traffic flow and one team responsible for towing away illegally parked vehicles.

(CNA, translated by Paul Cooper)