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A: I’ve no idea how these hand warmers work, but they’re a godsend.

B: I think they emit heat from an exothermic reaction when exposed to air.

A: They’re great for keeping your hands warm when the mercury plummets.

B: When I was in Japan, I would buy hot cans from drinks machines. That worked just as well.

A: 我不知道暖暖包的原理是什麼,可是暖暖包真是來自上天的禮物。

B: 我想暖暖包是透過和空氣接觸所產生的放熱反應來發熱。

A: 天氣變冷的時候,暖暖包對手部保暖很好用。

B: 我在日本的時候,只要去買自動販賣機的罐裝熱飲就好了,也是一樣有用。

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