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A: Did you see there’s a new coffee machine in the staff room? Free coffee. I can’t believe it.

B: It’s actually run on an honor system, NT$20 per cup. There’s a big plastic piggy bank next to the machine.

A: Do you think people will respect the honor system?

B: In this office, are you kidding? People will just throw in random loose change.

A: 你知道員工休息室新裝了咖啡機嗎?免費的咖啡耶!真是令人無法置信。

B: 咖啡其實要二十元一杯,用信任制度付款,要把錢投在咖啡機旁邊的塑膠撲滿裡。

A: 你覺得大家會遵守這個信任制度嗎?

B: 開玩笑,怎麼可能會遵守? 大家只會隨便丟幾塊錢進去。

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