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A: Wow. This coffee machine makes much better coffee than my French press.

B: It’s the high pressure steam. It gets the oil from the beans into the coffee, too.

A: Well, I’m going to have to get one myself. How much are they?

B: I can’t remember, but they’re very reasonable. It won’t break the bank.

A: 哇,這個咖啡機煮出來的咖啡比我的濾壓壺好太多了。

B: 這個是高壓蒸氣的,它可以把咖啡豆的油脂萃取出來。

A: 聽了讓我也好想要。這一台多少錢?

B: 我不記得了耶,但我記得價格還蠻合理的,不會太誇張。

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