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A: I’ve heard you’re really into retro gaming. Are you into old Nintendo games?

B: Not really, I’m more of a ZX Spectrum fan myself. I’m from the UK.

A: Oh, that’s right: The UK had microcomputers, but in the US they had home consoles.

B: Yeah, and nostalgia plays a huge part in the appeal.

A: 聽說你很喜歡玩復古電玩遊戲?那你喜歡舊款的任天堂遊戲嗎?

B: 我比較喜歡ZX Spectrum平台的遊戲,畢竟我是在英國長大的。

A: 也是,英國都是那種迷你電腦遊戲機,美國則是插電視的遊戲機比較多。

B: 對啊,復古電玩的魅力就是讓人有種懷舊的心情。

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