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A: I woke up this morning and the gas hob wasn’t working.

B: Are you sure the gas company hasn’t cut you off?

A: No, the water heater’s still working. We called the company and they said the problem was probably the hob itself.

B: You need to get the landlord to buy you a new one, then.

A: 我今天早上發現瓦斯爐壞了。

B: 你確定不是瓦斯被停掉嗎?

A: 我很確定,因為熱水器還是可以用。我們也有聯絡瓦斯公司,他們說應該是瓦斯爐的問題。

B: 那你應該叫房東幫你裝個新的瓦斯爐。

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