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A: You look really tired. Did you not sleep well last night?

B: I drank too much coffee yesterday afternoon, so I just could not get to sleep in the evening.

A: Yeah, caffeine really does affect me, so I don’t dare drink coffee after lunchtime, otherwise there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep.

B: Well, I’ve learnt my lesson. From now on, I’ll only drink coffee in the morning.

A: 你看起來好像很累。昨晚沒睡好嗎?

B: 我昨天下午喝了太多咖啡,結果晚上完全睡不著。

A: 是喔,我對咖啡因比較敏感,所以中午過後就不敢喝咖啡了,否則一定睡不著。

B: 我現在已經學到教訓了,以後咖啡還是早上喝好。

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