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A: Do you know when the free shuttle bus from the library to the dorm runs until?

B: As I recall, it’s usually until 10 at night, but it runs until gone midnight during mid-term and end-of-term exams.

A: So basically there’s a shuttle bus until the library closes.

B: Yes, but after six in the evening it goes from one bus every 15 minutes to one every half hour.

A: 你知道從圖書館到宿舍的免費接駁車開到幾點嗎?

B: 我記得平常是晚上十點,但期中考和期末考期間好像會到午夜十二點多。

A: 那就表示一直到圖書館關閉都有接駁車囉。

B: 對啊,但過了下午六點以後會從每十五分鐘一班變成每半小時一班。

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