Middle school club teaches carpentry techniques and refurbishing skills 國中開木工社團 學技藝兼整修課桌椅

Thu, Dec 07, 2017 - Page 15

The Tainan City Government Bureau of Education has established the Tainan School Desk and Chairs Recycling Center in Liujia Junior High School, with a social club helping students interested in carpentry learn a specialized skill.

The center has brought in teachers from the Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology departments of Interior Design and Creative Design to teach students how to design and work on products made of wood. Students are shown everything from being able to recognize different types of wood to product design, from the proper use of tools to product development, helping them to design and create their very own completely unique works.

One student participating in the woodworking group, Chen Hsuan-you, said that he had originally just been looking for a club to join over the summer holidays, but after he started taking the classes he got to know and like woodworking techniques on an entirely different level, and was able to get a great sense of achievement from the process of taking wood from the raw material all the way to the finished product. He added that, if you want to make the piece as good as it could be, you need to be focused on the task and to work as part of a team, and that this is something that you cannot learn from a textbook.

(CNA, translated by Paul Cooper)