Taisugar plans oyster shell biological material plant 台糖規劃蚵殼生技材料廠

Sun, Dec 03, 2017 - Page 9

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Huang Wei-cher on Tuesday met with representatives from Taiwan Sugar Corp (Taisugar), the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and other agencies at the Fisheries Research Institute’s Mariculture Research Center in Tainan City’s Cigu District for a briefing on possible plans to reuse oyster shells.

According to Taisugar vice president Hung Huo-wen, Taiwan produces 120,000 tonnes of oyster shells every year. Oyster shells, which are mainly made of calcium carbonate, can be turned into fertilizer, feed and building materials, all of which Taisugar needs, he adds.

Huang Min-sheng, chief executive of the company’s biotech division, says that after a year’s planning and working with the ITRI, Taisugar is assessing possible locations for an oyster shell biomaterial plant. According to Huang, the company plans to begin building the plant, which will help improve the environment and incomes of residents in the city’s coastal areas, next year.

Huang Wei-cher notes that, as natural resources are gradually becoming depleted, the circular economy has become ever more important. He urges Taisugar to design a supply chain for biomaterials made of processed oyster shells as soon as possible, and to work with the ITRI in training local businesses to apply the technologies. It is hoped that the technologies will add value to oyster shells and create new jobs for people in the agriculture and fishing industries.

(CNA, translated by Tu Yu-an)