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A: The arcade near my house just added some virtual reality games.

B: Really. Do you know what types of virtual reality games?

A: They’re all zombie shoot-em-ups for two or three players. You want to give it a go?

B: Yeah, kind of, but I’m frightened of zombie movies. Are the games quite scary?

A: 我家附近的電玩遊樂場最近新增了虛擬實境的遊戲。

B: 是喔,你知道是什麼樣的虛擬實境遊戲嗎?

A: 都是射擊殭屍的遊戲,可以兩到三人一起玩。你有興趣嗎?

B: 好像很有趣,可是我很怕殭屍電影。遊戲會很恐怖嗎?

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