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A: It’s really difficult to save if you eat out every day.

B: So why not cook for yourself? That way you can save money, and it’s also healthier.

A: That’s true. The food in restaurants is greasier, but if you live alone, you often end up not being able to eat everything if you cook for yourself.

B: You can buy food that doesn’t go off too quickly, like bread or fresh fruit and veg.

A: 每天在外面吃飯,好難存錢喔。

B: 為什麼不自己煮?這樣不只省錢還比較健康。

A: 是沒錯,外面餐廳的飯菜都比較油膩。但一個人住,自己煮菜常常吃不完。

B: 你可以買些比較耐放的食物,例如麵包或新鮮的蔬果。

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