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A: The teacher took a roll call yesterday, how come you weren’t there?

B: I’ve broken up with my boyfriend. I was crying all day, so I just wasn’t in the mood to come to class.

A: Oh my god, what happened? I thought you two were really close.

B: Actually two months ago my boyfriend started to have an affair, but I only realized just now.

A: 昨天老師有點名耶,你怎麼沒來上課?

B: 我失戀了,哭了一整天,根本沒心情上課。

A: 怎麼會?你們不是感情很好嗎?

B: 我男朋友其實兩個月以前就開始腳踏兩條船,只是我一直沒發現。

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