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A: Why do you keep grabbing at your seatbelt?

B: Because I’m so full of food and the belt is digging into my stomach, it’s really uncomfortable.

A: Why did you stuff yourself so full? It’s not like you haven’t eaten for the last three days.

B: You’ve got to load up and get your money’s worth when you go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant.

A: 你為什麼一直抓著安全帶?

B: 因為我吃太飽了,安全帶勒在肚子上讓我覺得很不舒服。

A: 你幹麼吃這麼多?又不是餓了三天沒吃飯。

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B: 去吃到飽餐廳當然要拼命吃,不然不划算。