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A: How come you’re eating convenience store rice balls again today? Don’t you get tired of them?

B: I’ve no choice, to save money I have to eat frugally.

A: Are you saving up to buy something?

B: I want to buy a scooter. There’s no MRT station near my house and if I take the bus I have to change buses several times.

A: 你今天怎麼又吃便利商店飯糰啊?你都不會吃膩嗎?

B: 沒辦法啊,為了存錢,只好省吃儉用。

A: 你想要存錢買什麼?

B: 我想要買一台機車。我家附近沒有捷運站,搭公車都要轉好幾次車。

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