Formosan ring-necked pheasants spotted in Tainan 西港金砂里 出現二十多隻台灣環頸雉

Tue, Nov 07, 2017 - Page 15

More than 20 members of a native subspecies of ring-necked pheasant, commonly known as the “wailing chicken,” have been spotted by birdwatcher Huang San-ming within the Jinsha Borough of Tainan’s Sigang District. There have also been separate sightings of Formosan ring-necked pheasants perching in Beipu Borough in Jiangjun District and in Fandian Borough in the city’s Yanshuei District.

The Formosan ring-necked pheasant, Taiwan blue pheasant and mikado pheasant are the three main types of protected pheasant in Taiwan. The “wailing chicken,” or Formosan ring-necked pheasant, mostly perches in flat open fields and used to be a common sight in Taiwan. However, a combination of excessive hunting and overdevelopment has meant that these days it is rare to catch a glimpse of the bird. Huang says that Formosan ring-necked pheasants will immediately take off if they catch sight of a human or hear the wind rustling through the grass, which makes watching them extremely difficult.