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A: Is there a decent swimming pool near here?

B: Isn’t there one next to the local government office?

A: I went there yesterday, but the water was a little murky and the changing rooms were really dirty.

B: Oh. I believe there’s a fitness center near the train station, which has a big indoor swimming pool, but it might be too far away from your house.

A: 這附近有不錯的游泳池嗎?

B: 區公所旁邊不就有一個?

A: 那個我昨天有去,水質有點混濁,更衣室也髒髒的。

B: 是喔。我印象中火車站附近的健身中心有一個很大的室內游泳池,不知道會不會離你家太遠。

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